Thursday, April 16, 2009

Technology in the Classroom

For this blog topic, we were asked whether technology helped or hindered us in a group setting as we worked on our project.  I felt that the group page in blackboard was helpful in some ways, but annoying in other aspects.  The link that let us email our whole group was pretty helpful, because I would often forget my group member's email addresses.  Attaching a document to the group page was somewhat helpful too.  The only thing different that I wish you could change about those 2 features is to somehow have more control over it.  I wish that you could connect the member's email addresses to your own email page.

Our group never took advantage of the virtual page on blackboard.  I feel that blackboard is becoming obsolete after having used it for the past four years.  I think there has to be a smarter way to relay information than to constantly login to this server that often is down or has glitches to it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ethical Principles

In class we discussed a letter that was written during the holocaust.  At the time of reading it, I had no clue that it took place during that time frame.  I learned that even in business writing there are conspiracies and cover ups.  It seems like that example was very black and white ethically, but many cases would probably be categorized into shades of gray.

Upon graduation, I plan on entering a 2nd degree/graduate school.  I hope that through my professional career I can continue to maintain a positive ethical rapport.  I think it is very important to stand by your ethical principles and to draw the line at certain points between what is right and wrong.  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Miscommunication in the Work Setting

Over the past 3 summers and 2 winters I have worked as an intern for an architecture firm in Augusta, GA.  Information can be miscommunicated all the time.  Many of the times information was just not specific enough during meetings.  One of my bosses would tell me or another employee to perform certain duties, but they would not say specifics about what they wanted.  In architecture, specifications can sometimes dominate a project, thus the importance.  Miscommunication can be prevented by being specific, documenting as much as possible whether by taking pictures, writing the facts down, or taking measurements.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One More Presentation & Past Experiences with Portfolios

I enjoyed Tyler Cooney's presentation on Prague the most this week.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, so it's not hard to persuade me into liking a presentation about European cities.  I also think Tyler's experiences have been similar to mine while traveling abroad to certain European cities, hence the reasoning behind the choosing.  I thought the pictures and description of the city were great and would really enjoy visiting the city when I get the chance.

I have never really done an online portfolio before.  However, last semester I took a portfolio class where we had to design two portfolio's, one more of an academic type look to it and another tailored more towards the professional realm.  I had some bad experiences with the professor because she was a bit harsh and gave rash advice when it came to the design.  I thoroughly enjoyed the designing of the portfolio.  I used the Adobe Indesign to design the portfolio, I found this program made it extremely easy to navigate through each spread and make easy adjustments to text and imagery.  I think I will be ready for the draft on the 23rd, after our professor explains how to load the online version.

Friday, February 27, 2009


My classmates and I have had to give presentations over the last two weeks.  Out of all the presentations I saw, I enjoyed David Gordon's the best.  I thought he was very creative with the topic of The Best Active Athlete.  David made his presentation very humorous and thought of how his audience would react.  For me the best part of his presentation were the reasons why he named each athlete the winner in the tournament.  I learned that Usaine Bolt was the fastest runner.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Joe Broerman's Cincinnati's Skyline Chili.  Joe gave some background info on its origination.  The thing I enjoyed most about Joe's presentation was him actually bringing the chili for us to taste after having presented about it.  Anytime someone talks about food, I usually get what better way to full-fill that appetite.  I learned that Cincinnati is famous for this chili.  I also thought the imagery that Joe showed of an old man enjoying his three-way and having a bib on at an old time restaurant was hysterical.

And last but not least, Ryan Cromer's presentation on Racquetball was informative.  I guess it caught my attention because I use to play racquetball some.  The way he described the sport about a little rubber ball flying through the room between two to four people was pretty funny.  Some of the imagery grossed me out about how people have been hurt in the sport, such as a bloody eye from being hit by the ball and not wearing goggles.   I guess with his presentation I was able to connect really well since I've played the sport for some amount of time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cover Letters & Advice

For this week's blog, we were asked to respond to a link about cover letters and their advice.  I think that some of the general advice was helpful.  You obviously would not want to send out a generic cover letter to a mass amount of companies, but you want to instead be specific, direct, and to the point.  I did not realize the majority of the focus of the cover letter should be geared towards the company.  I have always thought of it as another means to market yourself with the resume.

I think that most cover letters are probably ignored in larger companies and like the article said they tend to look at the resumes and already have some type of recruiting program in place.  On the other hand, with smaller companies, if they are interested in your resume, then yes they probably will look at your cover letter.  I was unaware of the ratio of cover letters to resumes that large employers only read.  I did not realize that it was such a big gap.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Client Project

After having the client visit in class, I havn't had any really outstanding ideas.  I think I will be more inclined to use the marketing based strategy and come up with a catchy video that has a provocative slogan.  My biggest concern is that we do something creative, nothing too mediocre that won't grab the public's attention.  Perhaps something funny enough to spark an interest first and then more into the details.  Things are going alright in our group.  I do not have any questions at this time about our project.